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Vector Art

What is VECTOR ART? Any file when zoomed in a notice "pixels" is considered a RASTER Image. Most of the photos you see are 99% RASTER.

We design many items for clients who need a logo or artwork that needs to be blown up WITHOUT becoming "fuzzy" or "blurry".

We can create your next vector file (Illustrator AI, EPS and some PDFs). Most of the time these images are not easily converted and depending on each unique one, you would send us the highest quality image you have and we will take the time to redraw your file into a vector image. Simple vectorization artwork starts at $129.







"Jenaly has been working with AG Advertising for well over 12 years and wouldn’t ever think about working with another firm. Aaron and his team “get” what we are trying to accomplish. From simple requests to complex projects, they get it right the first time, unequivocally stand behind their work product and consistently deliver the high quality results we are looking for. It’s a real pleasure to find a business partner that understands our business and what we are trying to accomplish. Working with Aaron and the AG team is simple and the outcomes are consistent and often exceed our expectations. I can’t recommend Aaron and AG Advertising strongly enough. You’ll be thrilled with your results."
MJ Shoer, President and Virtual Chief Technology Officer
Jenaly Technology Group, Inc.

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